Breaking metaphors & dumb arguments everywhere

Wow. The fundies on my FB FL are distinctly obnoxious & loud today.  Broken metaphors, stupid arguments about the Bible and Marriage and how "Jesus was the only person to ever resurrect someone from the dead"  -- the person doing that particular ranting is a cousin who got pregnant while in high school and who … Continue reading Breaking metaphors & dumb arguments everywhere

They said there'd be snow at Christmas.They said there'd be peace on Earth.But instead it just kept on raining,A veil of tears for the virgin birth.I remember one Christmas morning,A winter's light and a distant choir,The peal of a bell and that Christmas tree smell.and eyes full of tinsel and fire.They sold me a dream … Continue reading

Baking week

Holiday baking has commenced.  Unlike last year, I don't have a full week off...which means I get to cram everything into two days & several evenings.Nutrolls, kiflie, rohlicky, mexican chocolate cookies...popcorn brittle (with some deliberately dripped on the counter so I have an excuse to use the ballpeen hammer again).   I keep thinking I've left … Continue reading Baking week


Puck was our first cat to choose US. 1994. Me & Brett had just gotten married.  I'd also just started working for CompuServe; they offered a PC loan program, so their employees could get computers. We'd gone to a local computer store, found them closed, but saw a Jack's Aquarium next door.  We'd been discussing getting … Continue reading Puck


Our oldest boy Puck was put to sleep tonight. We had been getting concerned that he'd been losing weight; he was getting bony, but then he was 16.  Monday, I'd noticed that he was curled up under one of our bookshelves -- a little unusual; he normally claims the bed because of the sunbeams.  When … Continue reading Puck.