Ok.  I've been struggling with the digestive issues for a while now.  I found out that the prior gastro (the one who originally did the video capsule endoscopy) not only did not TELL me of the ulcers in the small intestine, but also neglected to tell me that the capsule was still IN my intestines three … Continue reading jeeezus.


So today was my day off.  I got woken up by Brett's alarm, drifted back to sleep, woke up a bit later for Brett to hug/kiss goodbye before he left for work.  Frodo jumped up on the bed, stretched out on top of my shoulder and hip (I'm a side sleeper), and I went back … Continue reading Puck


My posts about the Hardy Boys otaku below?Forget it.Jas Mahyat (owner of the Steve Perry Online fansite) started a facebook page for her site a couple months ago.  Now Jas herself is okay; she's fairly cool and level-headed.But gods above, the sickening glurge from the Perry fans that post on that FB page... those who … Continue reading Gag.

I. Hate. Otaku.

Definition of Otaku here."Fanboy" doesn't begin to describe it (Journey fans: think the Perry-ites, that's the closest approximation).  This is my one un-erasable prejudice, and I get real disgusted, real quick, when I run into it in other fandoms.  Especially when said Otaku cause drama & BS over nothing.So lately, I've been going through a small … Continue reading I. Hate. Otaku.


There's been a spate of folks here and on my Facebook FL losing their pets recently; most were completely from out of left field. I hope this isn't an omen. I really really hope it isn't. Everyone, give your animal companions extra hugs and love. Their sharing their lives with you is a gift.