Ok.  I’ve been struggling with the digestive issues for a while now.  I found out that the prior gastro (the one who originally did the video capsule endoscopy) not only did not TELL me of the ulcers in the small intestine, but also neglected to tell me that the capsule was still IN my intestines three weeks later (when they did the followup xray to make sure the cap had been passed).

I found THAT out earlier this week from the new gastro (when he asked if the old gastro had taken care of it — and my reaction was "Huh? What? WHAT?!?").  They’re going to be doing another xray to see if the cap is still there, before they do another cap to see if the ulcers are still an issue.  New gastro’s suspecting that the connecting "tubes" from the gall bladder or other digestive areas are spasming and causing the pain; our primary care doc is also suspecting pancreatitis on top of THAT.  Both are concerned over the low iron and anemia because my system’s not absorbing the needed nutrients.

and oh, it gets better.

Brett’s been having kidney stone issues.  He went to a urologist, who found a 3mm stone on an MRI…and then couldn’t find the stone on a followup xray and refused to do any ultrasound treatment as a consequence.  Instead, said uro referred Brett back to our primary care doc to see if "the pain has another cause".

So our doc scheduled him in a couple weeks later, since it didn’t seem urgent and Brett reported the pain had diminished.

THEN our doc got a look at the files & xrays from the uro.

The uro hadn’t bothered to tell Brett that he’d found a massive urinary tract infection AND diverticulitis.  And Brett’s had NO symptoms of diverticulits, NONE.  They suspected ME having it a couple years ago, when I had the blood issue; our doc’s running other tests to confirm it, but he’s placed Brett on massive antibiotics.

And worse, our doc ran bloodwork — Brett’s blood sugar is so out of whack that they’re calling it full blown diabetes.

I need to go whack something with a hammer.

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