So about five months ago, I started work at home for my current workplace.  I’d brought home the two peace lilies that I’d had at work, and knowing our cats, one got put up on a very high shelf, atop Brett’s desk; the other in a sunny window sill. BOTH out of reach of the cats; Puck loved munching on peace lilies, for some odd reason (yes, I know they’re not good for cats; we’d keep them out of reach, but Puck never stopped trying).

We’d put Puck’s ashes on the desk-shelf with the peace lily.

Tonight, I happened to look up…and looked again.  And went, "Brett, is it just me, or has that peace lily been chomped on?"

Saying the plant was in tatters was an understatement.  Very definite leaf-shredding, as if a cat had been munching.  I’ve never caught either Frodo or Scooter up on that shelf; the positioning of it is a very awkward jump, at the least, and neither of them have ever shown the slightest interest in houseplants.  No vomit anywhere in the house, either.

Oooookay, Puck, you wanna munch, go right ahead. 

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