My posts about the Hardy Boys otaku below?

Forget it.

Jas Mahyat (owner of the Steve Perry Online fansite) started a facebook page for her site a couple months ago. 

Now Jas herself is okay; she’s fairly cool and level-headed.

But gods above, the sickening glurge from the Perry fans that post on that FB page… those who never get it through their heads that Jas’s page is a fan page and post long, gushing notes to Perry — I mean, I know I’m one of the younger fans of Journey from its heydey, and I’m 44.   Most of these women are older, and you’d think that they’d get it through their collective heads by now that no, Perry’s not gonna marry them, date them, and doesn’t even care they exist.  I’d forgotten how bad they can really get.

Gushy teeny-bop glurge is just ugly, sickening, and sad once you get out of your teens, period.

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