Eclipse, part II

Okay. Now that I’m more copacetic and aware:

I’ve re-listened to Eclipse. And re-listened. And listened again.

“Resonate” still hits hard; for me, it’s that powerful, just as “After All These Years” was. Likely because I *know* that feeling, heart-and-soul deep (I’m blessed with my husband, and I know it). AND it’s a wonder to see a band move beyond the “I want you, let’s fuck”/”boo-hoo we’re breaking up” stages of songwriting to emotions & relationships that are solid and deep, beyond the usual cliches.

“Human Feel”: Journey’s call to all of us to GIVE UP FARMVILLE. *snicker* I love the driving drum & bass lines; this one could easily have done without the lyrics and just been a tribal rhythm number. We forget just how talented Ross is, THEN Journey tosses him a spotlight and we all get blown away. Dammit, Journey, release the Ross-vocal balls-to-the-wall version of “Walks Like A Lady” already, all right??

Eclipse has an “album” feel, not so much an individual single feel. It’s an album that’s meant to be heard all-of-a-piece, though tracks certainly stand out (City, Edge, Chain, Resonate, Tantra), and some just fade into the background (*scrambles to look at CD, because can’t remember the names*). And surprise, it lacks the trademark Journey love ballad — which doesn’t feel missing, if that makes any sense (and Resonate is NOT a ballad). I recommend this album highly, to both old and new fans.

Though I’m still not sold on “To Whom It May Concern”; I find myself more & more annoyed by the song on multiple listenings. Such things have been done better and leaner by other artists, INCLUDING Journey (“One More” from TBF comes to mind). It’s such a blah song — meh. I’m ranting. This one should be much better than what it is; I don’t even like Arnel’s vocal performance on it.

*eyes laptop battery* more tomorrow.

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