Journey’s Eclipse

Finally got the CD, thanks to a birthday gift from Mom.

It’s been hard to pay attention to it due to the various medical issues; I’m currently lying on the couch, exhausted and fatigued. Latest joker in the deck has been heart-pounding/fluttering/dizziness brought on by severe iron anemia (at least, that’s the current theory from the hospital; nothing to support any other heart issue) — it’s resulted in two ER runs, one of which was this morning. Between the fatigue and exhaustion and the pain from this damn capsule STILL in me, “paying attention” is not my strong suit right now.

“Resonate”, though, was the song that grabbed my attention, whacked it against the wall, and brought me to tears. The absolute best of me & Brett’s relationship caught & captured as that, reminding me there’s more to life than just the crap…

Thanks, Journey. I thought you couldn’t top “All These Years.” But damn, you just did.

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