home, finally.

Got released from the hospital the day after the Journey show. Mobilized our friends and kept asking around the hospital staff, found someone to give our tickets to, so at least they didn’t go to waste. A friend-of-a-friend was a Journey fan who hadn’t seen the band live before, and she was excited to get the tickets; she couldn’t afford them otherwise.

Yeah. This was the Ohio State Fair show, the one they filmed for the Extreme Makeover Home crew. I hated missing it; I’m happy that person got to go and all, but fuckin’ dammit. I’ve been crying about it; I was looking forward so much to it, and getting it ripped away like that over these fuckin’ intestinal issues…

*beats nearby pillow with massive hammer*

But the issues haven’t stopped. I’m still on antibiotics, one for the existing infection and another to kill a possible intestinal bug (C-dif) that I’m gonna be susceptible to for the rest of my life, thanks to the surgery. Running to the bathroom multiple times in a day is NOT fun. I’ve been weak and shaky and spending most of my day sleeping either on the couch or bed and getting cuddled by two cats and one husband.

Gonna go beat another pillow.

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