The Severed Earth should be out late tomorrow or early Saturday (barring any further issues from CreateSpace/Amazon)!


$15.99, 450 pages, trade paperback or eBook.  It won't be on iBooks yet; I'm still figuring out their format requirements — BUT Kindle does have an app for iPad, and I've bought eBooks from Amazon before & have used that app to read them, so I'm not too worried about it.

Severed is also available for bookstores & libraries to order, as well.  I get two free copies of my own, thanks to NaNoWriMo this past year (and the second one goes to Barb Stearns, because she just damn well deserves it); I'll be ordering other copies for my local bookstores & library here.

Unfortunately health issues limit my travel, so traveling much beyond Columbus will be out.  But I fully intend to hit up as many local outlets as I can for this.  I realize I'll likely lose money on the first book…but the goal is to get my story out there & get people reading it.

If anyone wants to help, asking for your local libraries or independent bookstores to order Severed would be much appreciated!

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