Something Special

Let's give everyone something special here. This is a doodle of mine -- a crude dragon doodle colored to sheer awesomeness by my husband Brett, who's a Photoshop GENIUS. But this isn't an ordinary dragon...oh no. This is Obsidian, who shows up later in the tales -- first in a short story called "Dragon's Gift", … Continue reading Something Special

Black Gate Magazine Will Review My Book!

I'm excited!! Black Gate Magazine has decided to review The Severed Earth!  They only review one (ONE) self-pub'd novel a month, and you have to go through a formal submission process.  Black Gate isn't just a fly-by-night, either; it's had a lot of well-known fantasy authors published in its pages.   So I'm excited...and extremely nervous, because … Continue reading Black Gate Magazine Will Review My Book!


We've been watching the feral litter out back -- and today we discovered ANOTHER kitten, which brings the total to 7.  This little girl's the runt of the litter, smaller than the rest, and she let me & Brett pick her up and cuddle her.  Once the nose-rubs started, she was purring.  We've named her … Continue reading SQUEE ALERT!!

Teaser for the new HB fic, “The San Francisco Vampire”

Despite the health issues, I'm still struggling thru writing my Hardy Boys fanfic.   I've gotten three full tales written, the first "Voodoo Doll" (based on the episode of the same name from the '70s show), "House on Possessed Hill" (a prequel, also based on another episode), and "In Excelsis Deo" (a full original 'Christmas' … Continue reading Teaser for the new HB fic, “The San Francisco Vampire”

The books came in!

FINALLY got my copies!! (and how is it that folks who ordered their copies via Amazon AFTER me got the book long before I did??) And these things are BIG.  Man.  I wasn't expecting something like this -- it's about as big as Dark Tower, or the first Game of Thrones or Wheel of Time....