Just for Fun: the UASSUHOJourney Returns!

Life is a Journey. Some of us are on the short bus. I admit, I can be as squeeeing a fangirl as anyone else.  Some time ago, I started doodling a comic strip based on Journey (the rock band that did such classics as "Open Arms" and "Don't Stop Believin'") as a means to blow … Continue reading Just for Fun: the UASSUHOJourney Returns!


Yup.  Welcome to the new blog, everyone.  This is for my "public writer" life, so here you'll find ramblings, musings, bits & pieces of what I'm working on, random fannish things that I can't publish but still want to share...y'know.  The usual things a crazy insane creative mind will have to offer. First, let's get … Continue reading Hello!

Fur Kids!

Have I mentioned I'm owned by four cats? Oreo & Faramir are the self-appointed PFAs (Personal Feline Assistants), though Luna's becoming that way, too.  Oreo's our former feral, one of the litter born out back last summer (and the sisters that are still feral out there have had their own litter. *sigh*)  Faramir will curl … Continue reading Fur Kids!


The Severed Earth! $15.99 Trade Paperback on Amazon; the $9.99 Kindle version should be up shortly -- the files are still under review by KDP. Still working on the blankety-blank iBooks format -- man, I thought making personal copies for my iBook reader was a pain...I'm WAITING for the day when ebooks all use ONE … Continue reading IT’S OUT!!


The Severed Earth should be out late tomorrow or early Saturday (barring any further issues from CreateSpace/Amazon)! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! $15.99, 450 pages, trade paperback or eBook.  It won't be on iBooks yet; I'm still figuring out their format requirements -- BUT Kindle does have an app for iPad, and I've bought eBooks from Amazon before & … Continue reading FINALLY!!