Y’know, this is maybe a really good place to note that the Shrine is officially TEN YEARS OLD this year!!

Yup. It first went online back in 1995, back when the Web was just getting opened up to normal people; shortly after Steve Lake’s Tribute Site. It had a lot of pictures back then, too — I worked for CompuServe at the time as tech support, and knew a hole in their old system that let me have unlimited webspace. Steve Lake even had his pics hosted on my space for a while.

Of course, back then, I had a crappy scanner, too…though it didn’t look that crappy at the time, given that the best monitors around were only 600×400. You don’t want to know how much I paid for that crappy scanner — let’s just say my little CanoScan was a fourth of the cost & 4x the quality.

My biggest amusement for years was seeing all the fansites that popped up after mine, using scans from the HSOJ and Lake’s site. It’s still funny, seeing the sites that STILL have those scans from the original incarnation of the Shrine.

And, yes, I’ve been running around in Journey Fandom on the Net for 10 years now…and have been a Journey fan for a lot longer than that. BOW before the All Mighty Vice Pope Of The Shrine, Heathens!!

(and folks who’ve been traveling with me might also remember the spinoff site that I had a couple years back, The Sacred Pagan Grove of Steve Perry. Now THAT was twisted…but necessary, considering the sheer number of Perry pictures I’ve got.)

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