Version 2…

Second tweak of the Evolution Sims. I’m still not happy with Steve’s face — what is it about that man’s face that’s so damn hard to Sim???

I agree with Barb. Neal needs to run around with his shirt off FOREVER:

Neal’s hair’s been altered to get it closer to what it actually is (STEVE’S is black hair; Neal’s is dark brown), and to add the fluff under the lip. While I’m trying to go for something that looks like what was worn on the back of Evolution (and believe it or not, Ross’s may be the easiest of the bunch), Steve might be best in some tight-fitting t-top. Or nothing at all. Especially nothing at all.

Good News? Sims 2: University for Mac comes out on December 5. Which means…instruments. And Band Shots. And Sim Video. heheheheheheheheheheheheh. While I can’t promise anything, let’s start taking suggestions about what Journey Song We’d Like To See Made Into A Sim-ified Video…

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