A random sampling…

Heh. Checking the stats for the Shrine, and discovered a neat little Webalizer feature that tracks the top “keyword” searches that folks used that led to the Shrine:

1 37.50% 7 kingdoms
2 6.25% oh sherrie video
3 6.25% steve augeri update
4 6.25% steve perry
5 6.25% the journey shrine
6 3.12% 7 kingdoms more:help
7 3.12% anyway you want it that’s the way
8 3.12% holy shrine
9 3.12% holy shrine of journey
10 3.12% james frasier magic <<<< ooooookay…?
11 3.12% journey steve augeri
12 3.12% journey steve perry
13 3.12% journey steve perry jerk
14 3.12% kingdoms in earth
15 3.12% private steve perry pictures
16 3.12% steve couch
17 3.12% why steve perry quit journey

Hint for the newbies: The HSOJ is NOT a news site, nor a gossip site. It’s Pics & Fun Stuff & Weird Stuff & Awful Fan Fiction.
Hint for the oldies: I’m not making the above list up. It’s not ME typing in “steve perry jerk”. It’s people looking for Journey sites. Get a grip.

Another little tidbit: after the front page, the most often used entry pages are the UASSUHO Comic Strip and the main Tales page. :blushes: Awww, garrsh, folks, you make me feel good. Now I gotta work on getting new strips & tales up for y’all.

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