…today is the Winter Solstice. <<33

But hey, it's 12 Days of Yule, so Merry Yuletide/Chrismahanikwanzikah to all!

Oh, and pursuant to yesterday's post:

1. Oh YEAH, baby!!!!
2. Crab cakes, stuffed potato skins, roasted squash, and balsamic-glazed mushrooms. MMMmmmmmm.
3. …and splitting a bottle of really good mead (heated & spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg & clove) with Brett led oh so WONDERFULLY to #1. 😉

For those who don't know what mead is, it's fermented honey (aka honey-wine). Really really YUMMY, and traditional. If you decide to try it, spend the cash & go for an expensive brand — the cheap $8/$9 bottles taste ICK, all alcohol fumes & no honey.

Really really high alcohol content (16%) — at least, higher than what I'm normally used to. And when I say "split" a bottle, I do mean half the bottle. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

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