This explains a lot

Venting just makes it worse.

Reading this was a major light clicking on inside my head; I’ve never had much patience with friends/co-workers who continually complain about how bad their lives are (it’s almost always women, for some reason). I’ve always been the type that if you bring me a problem or a vent, I want to offer you a possible solution (if the problem’s making you feel that bad, how can you NOT want to get out of it?). I’m someone who wants to help; you bring me a problem, I want to help you out of it. It’s hard-wired into me; it’s all the years of being *expected* to be the one with the answers. Don’t get pissy with me if you start venting and I offer you a solution or an idea to help. Just offering sympathy does NOTHING, and I wouldn’t be offering help if I didn’t feel sympathy.

Gods, now I’m venting. :rueful grin:

Okay. The next UASSUHO Journey strip will be up later today. And be watching for the Return of Church Of The Bunny.

Never mind why I’m grinning so evilly. You’ll see.

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