I’m a Geek & DAMN PROUD OF IT!!

Your Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score CategoryYour ScoreAverageHacklust32.08%Has conversations in between massacres53.5% Sensitive Roleplaying60.76%Will talk after everyone important's been killed 54.7%GM Experience42.03%Puts the players through the wringer 69.3% Systems Knowledge92.51%Played in a couple of campaigns 90.4% Livin' La Vida Dorka58.62%Has interesting conversations in public63.3% You are 59.31% pureAverage Score: 68.8%Take The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Testand see … Continue reading I’m a Geek & DAMN PROUD OF IT!!

This is WHAT month??

I just found out -- November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo -- LOL). Talk about additional incentive! So...um...let's start off with a bang. Here's Chapter 27 of "The Severed Earth" posted over at my fic LJ, An Alien Sky...brand new. Enjoy!