it never ends

so yesterday, I had the pre-test for the video capsule endoscopy; basically I swallowed a test pill so they could make sure that the real pill would pass & not get stuck & cause problems. The pill THIS time was smaller than the last time I had this done, about like a large vitamin.

Now, I will note here that a couple weeks ago, the new gastro had made an off-hand mention that the pill from the last vid cap (in 2009) was still in my system a “couple weeks after”, according to the xrays the old gastro did. To which I went, “WHAT?”

Yeah, something ELSE that old gastro didn’t tell me about. The new gastro hadn’t mentioned it before this; he’d thought it’d already been taken care of, and he was shocked to find out that I didn’t know and was never told and that nothing had been done. Since I’d had an MRI and CAT done in the last few months, he was sure they’d’ve picked it up — until I said, well, those were done on the upper part, but if the caps in the lower…

This morning, I had the xrays to make sure the test pill had gone thru. And the xray techs came in after they took the shot, going, “do you have any implants that we need to know about? there’s something on here…” I made sure nothing was in my hoodie or jeans pockets, said the only thing I knew about was staples from the last surgery in 1993…and they let me see the xray.

Yeah. NOT the test pill. Something that looked suspiciously like the prior vid cap (a big globe pill).

So now I’m freaking, and waiting for someone — either the xray techs or the OSU specialists or the new gastro to get back with me. Because if it’s the old pill, it’s gonna need surgery to remove. And I’m dreading what the fuck else they’re gonna find, if something like that’s been in my system & causing issues for over a year.

If something like that’s been in my system when I’ve had an MRI and CAT done.

“Major fuckin’ Malpractice Suit” doesn’t begin to describe the shit that’s about to hit the fan.

I’m scared.

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