“Stay, and die, or leave & lose your job…”

"If I left, I'll probably lose my job..." This is from NEW ORLEANS FOLKS. Y'know, the city that's right in the path of a Category 4 hurricane? The city that was under a mandatory evacuation order as of 8 am this morning?? Ok, I'm not boggling too much over the idiotic tourists that are still … Continue reading “Stay, and die, or leave & lose your job…”


Ok, ok, ok, enough WoW-wanking & whining, I'm shutting up about it now before I scare off all my non-WoW friends. Anyway, this one was stolen from lyrsi: Give me one reason I'm going to hell. Then post this request in your LJ, and I will tell you why YOU are doomed to eternal damnation! … Continue reading LOLWOWZ