Y'know, this is maybe a really good place to note that the Shrine is officially TEN YEARS OLD this year!! Yup. It first went online back in 1995, back when the Web was just getting opened up to normal people; shortly after Steve Lake's Tribute Site. It had a lot of pictures back then, too … Continue reading

Well, I found out that the Perryville Forum is posting all of my Steve Perry pics on their Forum. YOU PEOPLE COULD JUST POST THE LINK TO THE SHRINE & LET PEOPLE VISIT & SEE FOR THEMSELVES!!! Or are you scared they'll see all the great pics of the OTHER members of Journey? Bloody heathens. … Continue reading

OK. Errors fixed. All pics & windows should load correctly, and the Altars area should now scroll all the way down. Replaced the prior font, "Morpheus", with a cool Departure-style font. For some reason, over the years, I've gotten quite a few requests for the fonts used in the HSOJ: Headers & title graphics: Hirosh. … Continue reading


it's done. It's uploaded, anyway. Though "done" is a highly relative word, as there's still lots to be scanned in, including more of the "Unofficially Alternative History of Journey" strips. 2 HOURS to upload a half gig. At a broadband connection. Ye gods. I'm off to bed.

oh, yeah, and those Avery "Dark" T-shirt transfers are absolutely sweet on a white t-shirt. The "light" transfer sheets always looked a bit washed out. The "dark" ones show up the colors really kick-ass. Won't work on black shirts, but will on white. Go fig.

Well, the "Avery Dark T-Shirt" transfers are total SHIT. I just tried to make a Journey Webring T-shirt for one of the folks who loaned me their memorabilia to scan, and those transfers do NOT work on a black t-shirt. Which is really odd, because the light-shirt transfers work so well. Brett thinks it just … Continue reading